Thrive Modern was created with those in mind who need some encouragement, inspiration, education, + a little spark to help get #girlbossing and thrive while doing so. Whether you’re a photographer just starting out or a well seasoned photographer with years under your belt, this workshop weekend will help inspire creativity + give insight to our business etiquettes, editing styles, and hearts behind why we do what we do.

Photography is becoming a very saturated field, which is awesome!  But in a saturated market, it’s important to stand out in your style, find your "why”, + get your dream clients! We think that why you’re doing this matters a whole dang lot. When you know your "why", you don’t have to constantly worry about everyone else.

So let’s thrive off of one another! We believe in cheering each other on + helping each other succeed. As a community of creatives, we can value one another’s work and opinions, using what once held us back to now take us to places that would have been impossible to reach on our own. We’re not about competition, but community. & we welcome you into ours!