Melissa Marshall + Abby Rose


>> Melissa Marshall

Melissa is a “hunter of beauty,” plain and simple. As a photographer with 6+ years of experience, she’s found her niche and has learned how to hustle + thrive as a full time photographer. She follows her gut and marks her own path, which makes her a magnet to creative people + clients all over the world. She’s passionate about relationships, creativity, travel, and making sure her clients feel like rockstars.

Melissa currently lives in Portland, OR with her husband and second shooter, Josh, and their dog, Watson.

You can find Melissa here >> Instagram, Website, + Facebook

Abby Roses-1.jpg

>> Abby Rose Metcalf

Every inch of Abby Rose screams creativity and vision. She is a thriving photographer with 4+ years of experience under her belt. While passionate about wedding photography, Abby also has years of experience in floral design, set design and social media management. She grew up working in her grandparents’ flower and garden center, then right after high school, headed west to Los Angeles for floral design school + an internship with Darling Magazine in set and prop design. You could say that cultivating beautiful moments is just simply in her bones. It is not only her captivating, bold work that attracts clients of every kind / everywhere but also her incredibly humble, kind heart and extreme goofiness.

Abby currently lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband, Charles, where she is usually the only one laughing at her weird jokes.

You can find Abby here >> Instagram, Website, + Facebook